English culture, myths and assignments

J van de Wetering, s1026220

Language Myths

Black children are verbally deprived

This myth is of course false to begin with. The arguments

·         Black people have big lips because of their inferior speech is nonsense because white people with big lips do not talk the same as black people.

·         Upbringing is another bad argument as it states that black people do not teach their children new things, there is no difference between white and black people on this matter.  In addition, speech is of great importance to the black culture.

·         Black children do not perform well on tests that are based on for them a foreign language. White children do not perform well on tests that are based on a foreign language as well and they score just as bad.

All these arguments are invalid and made up. Black and white people if given the same education will score equally good or bad.

Double negatives are illogical

If double negatives were illogical then it would also be illogical that double negation is in so many world languages. Standard variety English is one of the few where double negations have fallen out of favour.

In some cases, the use of double negatives is preferred. Think of the use of not unfriendly for instance, this means the person is not friendly but he is not unfriendly either. Double negation is useful when you are not sure of something. 

TV makes people sound the same


It is impossible for media to make people sound the same. Dialects keep changing and continue to diverge from standard dialect even though their dialect is not on TV and radio. Television is blamed for changes they have no or hardly any contribution to. People should realise that media does not cause changes; media just catches up with the changes.

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