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Teaching Language

I work at a school where I educate children with behavioural problems, I teach math, physics and biology to my pupils. My lessons are a mixture of different educational theories. I use behaviourism to help my pupils improve their behaviour. Constructivism and cognitive theory are used to get my students to achieve other objectives.

The use of behaviourism in special needs education has a few advantages; most children are on my school because they have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), autism or other forms of behavioural problems. Their behavioural problems can be reduced by teaching children techniques. The techniques can be taught to pupils by using operant conditioning or classical conditioning.  Focusing on positive behaviour of my pupils and rewarding good behaviour gives my students a feeling of success and more motivation to follow class. The rewards are given for simple things like raising their finger if they have a question. The better they do the harder it is for my pupils to earn a reward for their behaviour. Secondary education must be their main goal and with my help, they are able to achieve their goal.

The lesson start has a structure that resembles the structure used in cognitive theory, showing interest in my pupils' social life, pets and hobbies. Another way I use cognitive theory during the classes I give is by discussing whether the curriculum is suitable for my pupils. Pupils of the same grade and age have different needs and skills. Some pupils have greater fluency with addition and subtraction than other pupils are at those skills. The pupils with better skills get more challenging material than the pupils who are less fluent at math.

The structure during lessons to my pupils that resemble certain aspects of constructivism are seen in discussions during class, the different ways in which course theory is explained and combining hobbies and daily activities to course theory. Pupils' can choose their own way to try to achieve their learning objective, using either a computer or books. Allowing students to work in groups gives an excellent opportunity for pupils to learn from each other.


As a teacher, I use different theories to teach pupils their learning objective. The pupil's needs determine the theory used to get him or her to achieve his learning goal. This approach gives my pupils what they deserve education that fits their needs.

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