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Dream language

"In dreams you talk, you see pictures and you hear sounds. You can thus conclude that we also dream languages. Dreaming a foreign language can help you gain your competence in that language. Even deaf people dream about signs, which are also part of a language. When blind people dream, they can hear sounds, thus also dream and use language."

Many dreams have had their uses in science. Dreaming of flying made humans think of way to fly and eventually led to airplanes. It is possible that our dreams have a different language that forms our pictures, if I dream I mostly see pictures and use few words. We dream about, sounds, language, pictures and events', thus dreaming in our own dream language is possible.

What is language Awareness?

When teaching students language awareness is very important in such ways that students have to learn new words and connect those to a certain object or meaning. Language awareness is used in every section varying from language to math.

With math it is a simple as giving meaning to the symbols add, minus and learning to use those symbols in a correct manner. Most understand if you have two apples and you out one apple you still have one apple left. Our subsidiary awareness tells us this even if our focal awareness has no knowledge about the symbols add and minus. Teaching the symbols can give a person focal awareness in math.


As for teaching a language to a student, it is about language rules, speech and connecting meaning and to an object or thoughts. Rules to communicate to one another, pronunciation and understanding complete sentences and words. The latter is probably the hardest part since combinations of words and sentences can create different impressions. Even words can differ in their meaning and pronunciation depending on the sentence they in. The challenge for a teacher is to get his students to understand rules, combinations, word, and pronunciation.  A teacher has to deal with problems in our language using process and try to get the students to understand higher levels of understanding and use.

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